A Perfect World With Relationship Essay

A Perfect World With Relationship Essay

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In a perfect world each relationship would have no issues. The problem is the real word isn’t perfect. Whether it is a marriage or a friendship many problems can arise. The question is why is this the case. Most people are picking these type of relationships, it would make sense to choose the one with the least amount of complications. Yet everyone still has that one friend that always causes them a headache or a terrible partner that no one can see why they are still together. The key is to figure out the why in those conundrums. This has been done with one simply theory. Social exchange theory spells out the idea of why people stay in a relationship that might be seen as negative from the outside. Each person has their own limits and with this theory an equation can solve when things become too much. This is just to look at the rewards and the cost of the relationship. With this a person can figure out the worth. This can help tell them if they should stay connected to the other person. This is something that many people use every day without even putting the label of a theory on it. With my friends I am consistently weighing the cost and rewards. One of my friendships has been ongoing for almost nine years and this theory is the key to the success. Every time I feel like there is a problem I see if it outweighs the rewards that I am seeing in the friendship. While the outline seems like a simple thing to do the theory goes much deeper to solve the question of why people stay in relationships that seem problematic.
For some people the amount of years they put into a friendship can weigh into the rewards column. This is the case for a long term bond I have formed with my best friend. Having any kind of connection with someone ...

... middle of paper ...

...om a friendship, like comfortable, it can help you see the good in it. While the cost can be harder to see, they are just as important because each type of social relationship requires effort and time. Without these two things a connection can turn into a negative worth, which is something you should not have in a relationship. The Social Exchange Theory sets the framework that we can think of our relationships in these economical terms. This is something society accepts because of our need to be getting rewards in the things we do. This helps us feel like we are getting something out of the effort we are putting in. Having a positive worth affirms this thinking. This theory can also go farther into thinking about our relationship with ourselves if we let it. It is important to have a positive worth with ourselves so we can transfer that to our social relationships.

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