A Perfect Proportion Of Light And Color Essay

A Perfect Proportion Of Light And Color Essay

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A perfect proportion of light and color in modern architecture a very intriguing, but I believe is underrated and could be used much more than we do today for various reasons. More particularly, homes should use more natural lighting along with our overly zealous color schemes for a fuller beautiful blend of lights and shadows. For instance, poverty areas around the globe have started using water filled plastic bottles, installed in their roofs and walls, as a means of cheap natural lighting.
Ghettos mostly in 3rd world countries have recently been using plastic bottles to create head lights, wall lights and a means of illuminating their homes, since most of these areas don’t have any source of electricity, this becomes cost effective and they’re potentially recycling, or reusing a plastic bottle. I’ve seen people use different colored bottles, some filled with mixtures of liquids, dying water usually gives a different texture of light, shades and colors throughout the typically, small boxed rooms and houses they live in. It’s an ingenious idea that is slowly being implemented in mo...

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