A More Perfect Union By Senator Obama Essay

A More Perfect Union By Senator Obama Essay

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Unification Is the Solution

Does being American mean working together or is it everyone for themselves? Unification will solve the issues troubling America, like privileges, education, and healthcare. The so called white privilege that all other races blame as the reason they get passed up for jobs or use as a way to hide their insecurities , the crumbling education system that is separating the rich from the poor during childhood, and the horrible healthcare system that causes the poor to remain uninsured. The speech given by Senator Barack Obama in 2008 called “A More Perfect Union” as a response to Reverend Wright’s preaches about racism. Using the comments as a platform, Senator Obama addresses other issues in the country. This speech was given when Senator Obama was running for president. The so called privileges are ways to shift fault onto something that does not exist.
White privileges are used to hide national and personal issues. In “A More Perfect Union”, President Obama says “Most working- and middle-class white Americans don 't feel that they have been particularly privileged by their race.”(Obama #) He talks about this because it is commonly believed that white Americans are the privileged race in the United States. That because of their race, white Americans receive the best jobs or get accepted into the top schools/colleges. White Americans think that because of their hard work and effort, they were able to reach that point and successes in life. Though white privilege does exist, but it is not realized. Writer for The Federalist, David Marcus writes, “From hailing a cab to renting an apartment white people receive better access and treatment. In the aggregate this is undeniably true and among the greatest soci...

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...aws to keep prices fair to all, people are slowly able to start to pay and be able to have insurance.
Education ties everything together. Without a fair and equal education system white Americans have better chances and healthcare will remain unreachable for many Americans. By unifying and working together the education system can be fixed along with the so called white privilege and healthcare. Obama uses these issues to show that without unification society will start to crack and issues like these will grow along with people who blame race and other people for all their problems. With communities getting involved in classes, pushing companies to help people by hiring more and assisting in education with books and supplies. Life 's not fair, but by helping each other it is possible to create some sort of equality and to start to improve the country.

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