A Master 's Degree Of Petroleum Engineering Essay

A Master 's Degree Of Petroleum Engineering Essay

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An education is best valued when it is used to serve one’s community at a larger aspect- this belief has been imprinted in my judgment from the commencement of my undergraduate study. This persuasion and a natural aptitude for energy science and mathematics induced me that petroleum engineering is the most fitting career for me and developed a sense in my mind that higher study is mandatory to be competent in this field. I desire a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering followed by a PhD not only because it is the most fulfilling way to exercise my natural talent as a scholar but also it will give me the opportunity to serve my country as she has paucity of researchers in this discipline.
I entered into the realm of Petroleum Engineering through my admission at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) and finished mu undergraduate page (B.Sc. in Petroleum and Mining Engineering) with a CGPA of 3.67 on a scale of 4.00 and ranked 4th with 77.40% marks out of 27 successful students of my class. My undergraduate course curriculum (total 162 credits) was balanced with courses of basic sciences like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (Trigonometry, Numerical Analysis, Statistics, Calculus and Analytical Geometry) and core petroleum and mining engineering courses like reservoir engineering, rock mechanics, drilling engineering, EOR, minerals processing, production engineering, reservoir simulation, environmental engineering and several related courses that will corroborate my pursuit of graduate study. I secured more than 70% marks in almost all the course. Moreover, the senior year thesis (Sustainable Waste Management in the Gas Fields of Bangladesh) which I undertook to fulfill the graduation requirement allowed ...

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...scipline especially in the field of Enhanced Oil Recovery, CO2 Sequestration and Storage, Waste Gas Management, Fractured Reservoir and Sanding with the distinguished professors of this department.
The intention of my research interest is to learn in order to spread it. My cherished dream is to be a faculty member in a university where I can work as a teacher and continue my research to effectively deal with the problems of oil & gas as well as energy sector of my country. An M.S. degree, followed by a PhD from this reputed university will certainly fuel me to the path of my dream. I am ready to begin the life of a graduate student and hope to become a research assistant to improve my knowledge of Petroleum Engineering beyond course work.

Date: December, 2015 (Durjoy Baidya)

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