Essay on A Marketing Strategy At Publix

Essay on A Marketing Strategy At Publix

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A Passion for Customer Service
The primary marketing strategy at Publix is putting customer service at the forefront of everything they do and are known and recognized for having the best customer service in the industry. Publix was selected as one of America’s Best Supermarkets by in 2016, listed as a favorite supermarket by in 2014 and 2015, as well as being ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction, Five Years in a Row” by JD Power. (Company Overview – Awards & Achievements, 2016) Publix hires bright, motivated people to work in their stores and gives them extensive customer service training. Several benefits are offered to motivate employees to work towards meeting goals. The employee stock plan gives them ownership in the company, they enjoy an excellent benefits package, and the tuition assistance helps them meet their educational goals. All of these things are integral to creating a well-informed, happy store associate who is dedicated to seeing their company succeed by providing the best possible customer service in the industry.
Meals Publix Style
Publix strives to meet their customers’ needs by providing the best selection of high quality products in all of their stores but their differentiation strategy is with their deli. Where Winn Dixie promotes their high quality meat and Kroger advertises the freshest produce; Publix heavily advertises the convenience and quality of their fresh baked breads, sushi on the go, and gigantic sandwiches. The smell of fresh baked bread and cookies permeates the store and brightly colored displays and advertisements entice you back with the promise of a well-made home-style meal to take home. They keep their deli areas very clean and brightly lit wi...

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...ght kind of tech support for all offices, retail, ware houses and hard are/software aspects could lead to more efficient logistics and increased revenue in the back of house so to speak. The different positions available in the technology department includes tech support analysis, IT tech support technician, programmer, systems engineer along with other opportunities.
In the current performance, strategic posture and impact of technology, I have found that the business has an extensive amount of layers to it. Inside and out. Front of house and back of house. Publix Supermarkets is such an exciting business to research in discovering all of the internal parts that collaborate for an effective and friendly shopping experience. The main culture is customer based and this is the correct attitude and focus. Leading to the well-known phrase, “Where shopping is a pleasure.”

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