Essay about A Lifetime Of Preparation Of A Teacher

Essay about A Lifetime Of Preparation Of A Teacher

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A Lifetime of Preparation
A teacher should be many things. They should be kind, honest, and fair. They should come fully equipped with the ability to have a sense of humor, be patient and flexible, but above all a teacher should be passionate. If you would have asked me in high school where my passion for working with children came from I would answer with a simple “I have no clue”. I wasn’t raised around a group of young children and in all honesty the youngest person I spent time with on a regular basis was my little sister Nikki. Even at that she is only two years younger than me. I would have probably told you that I want to be a teacher because I have had previous teachers who showed me how passionate they themselves were about molding their students for an entire year and finally releasing them knowing they had done everything in their power to prepare them, and guide them in the next steps of their lives. It wasn’t until recently that I had realized that from the time I was two years old I myself was being molded into the kind of person that it takes to be able to really make...

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