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A Lab Report On A Chemistry Lab Essay example

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There are many situations in which one may not consider it “evil” because one did not think he or she did anything wrong; however, it depends on how the victim views the situation. One night, my friends and I decided that we should work on a chemistry lab report together. Someone in my friend’s lab class asked for help, so my friend, Bob, went to go talk to him outside of our hall. One guy in my group suggested that we should lock Bob out, and so we did. Bob did not realize that he was locked out until after he was done speaking with the guy from his lab class. He began knocking on the door and looked at us through the window in Pentland, a resident building in the University of California Riverside. When most of us turned around to look at him, a girl in my group screamed “you’re not supposed to look at him.” This caused all of us to look away and to continue our mini conversations. At first Bob thought we were messing around with him, but because of what the girl yelled, he knew we were not going to open the door any time soon. This obviously upset Bob, specifically because it lasted way longer than it should of and he was outside alone for a lengthy amount of time. Bob was not let in until I questioned why he was still outside. Barely anyone in my group felt bad until Bob walked in and gave us the silent treatment for a very long time.
This situation had many mini acts of evil in my perspective. There was nothing that I would consider complete and absolute evil, but there were signs of sadism, authority-oriented behavior and possibly a foot-in-the-door experience. A combination of all three could lead to a miserable experience towards the victim. In terms of sadism, it seemed as though my friends had “absolute or unrestricte...

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...s possible that this was morally acceptable due to the aftermath of the whole group feeling bad, most likely after reflection; however, this was only until after Bob showed signs of anger and frustration by giving the silent treatment. This makes it seem like it was a forced reflection, in which the group did not think badly of the incident until it affected them individually. Bob giving the silent treatment most likely made everyone feel uncomfortable and this led to the room going silent, this perhaps made others realize their wrongdoing. This form of “reflection” does not really seem natural. Overall, in terms of Mengzi, I do not think that this incident would be considered as absolutely evil, but rather just morally detrimental due to the fact that there was some sort of reflection. It is just that the way the reflection began was not the way it should have been.

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