Is Evil: Morally Good Or Evil?

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Evil is a metaphysical term used to describe the thoughts and actions of humans that are seen as morally wrong or ‘bad’. In extreme cases even a person can be labelled as overall evil, such as Adolf Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer. Previously, it has been thought that a person has the ability to choose between being ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and that they simply make this decision based upon what pleases them. Recently, however, neuroscientists have shed some light upon the physical explanations of human thought and action. In this essay I argue that evil does not exist, and that actions and thoughts previously termed ‘evil’ are in fact malfunctions of the human brain.
What drives people to act in an improper way, is not evil, but rather a lack of empathy hardwired into their brain. When a
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One’s morals set in place the actions they see as proper and improper in their current society. Individuals in the same socioeconomic settings tend to overlap and correspond to each other. Other times morals are nonexistent or different due to one’s upbringing and culture, this means that ‘appropriate’ decisions as seen by some people may be seen as ‘inappropriate’ to others. Evil in terms of morals can be defined as someone 's morals being so extreme or nonexistent when compared to those of modern society 's views that they can not be logically comprehended. Despite the effect of one’s morals and upbringing upon their actions, in extreme cases biology of the brain has a great effect on distinguishing between proper and improper. There is a spectrum between proper and improper, it is not all black and white. For example, not tipping well at a restaurant and child molestation are both seen as improper, but child molestation is significantly worse. A person that commits child molestation is not doing so simply because of external factors, but instead because something is malfunctioning in their
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