A Interview On My Professional Growth Essay

A Interview On My Professional Growth Essay

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Since I have no experience with dysgraphia, this interview was very informational and beneficial to my professional growth. I learned a lot about this disability and how the student’s and families struggle throughout the process of diagnosis and the process of living a life that is best for the child with the disability. The man I interviewed had a lot of input for me and he answered all of the questions with a lot of emotion. I could tell that the family has learned how to live with their son’s disability in a way that is wonderful for all of them.
Furthermore, the father had a lot to say about the steps it took to get the student’s diagnosis. The father explained that the process to get his child tested was hard and as a parent him and his wife had to keep pushing and pushing, but at first it was hard to tell their son even had a disability because writing is a skill that develops over times and his son’s writing was comparable to his peers until he was in 3rd grade; as his peer’s writing progressed, his did not. His father also explained that it was hard to know at first that hi...

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