A History Of Telecommunications Essay

A History Of Telecommunications Essay

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Directions: Select a topic from the case studies in the text. You may choose any of the topics, except those covered in previous assignments. Examples of topics you might investigate include: using telecommunications to keep in touch with co-workers; telecommunications innovation; managing telecommunications; emerging telecommunications technologies; and so on.

Do independent research on your topic and present your findings in a 15-20 page position paper (based on the body of the paper, excluding references, abstracts, table of contents, etc). It is critical that you display an understanding of material from the text and lectures. Your paper should incorporate material from at least 5 sources. Appropriate sources are: textbooks, Web sites that contain professional or scholarly content, professional magazines, and other academic sources.

Identify your sources and format the paper using APA or MLA format. Use 12 point, Times New Roman font and double line spacing throughout the paper (do not use excess spacing between paragraphs). Your paper should:
← Provide an abstract of your research or position
← Cleary identify your objectives
← Present your findings
← Analyze your opinion
← Present material to support your opinion
← Draw conclusions from your analysis
← Make recommendations for further research
← Be properly referenced

Submission: Create a .zip file containing your Word document.

This is the end of the Final Project.

Telecommunications: Always connected in a wired world

I have been going back and forth for some time on what exactly I was going to do for this final project. At first I was leaning toward the idea of outlining some new b...

... middle of paper ...

...uture hold? Before we get to that let’s take a look at the top 10 telecommunications events from the past, according to the telecommunications history group http://www.telcomhistory.org, who offer a great outline found below.

The fact is that the information age we now live in was a culmination of these and many other advancements in the field of Telecommunications. In my lifetime, I have been purview to many amazing changes. I have had a hand in using, benefiting from, and developing much of what we now take for granted. One simple thing remains certain and that is that the events of our past shape our future and without telecommunications life would not be what we know it.

Works Cited
1. wikipedia “History of Telecommunications”
2. The telecommunications History Group
< http://www.telcomhistory.org/images/main/Timeline/toptenpast.jpg>

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