Evolution of Mass Communications

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The evolution of mass communications has gone through major developments; from etching the beginnings of an alphabet into a rock the size of a standard dinner table to letting a computer recognize words spoken into a speaker as it types away what it hears. Dating back to around 1700 B.C. when the first alphabet was said to come into existence, society has come far in different fields of communications. Nothing made as large of an impact in the world of communications as the revolution of the Internet. Although the impact has been large, the Internet was certainly not the first to revolutionize communications. When many cities started to arise and become industrial-based, there became a need for more technological advancements. When there was one change in the way of living, a domino effect occurred and many more advancements and developments took place. The mass communications of writing, printing, mass media and entertainment have all influenced how we use the Internet and new technology developments today. Before writing even existed, ancient civilizations would etch pictures in clay in order to record things. These stones were used for recording and papyrus was used soon after. These inventions brought great progress in the time period they came into existence but had many negative effects. The process of making clay stones was a long one and wasn’t always available. They were usually very large and not easy to transport so communication was limited. One of the earliest sign of writing and a newspaper was the Romans, Acta Diurna. It included the rules of the day and was carved into stone daily. Papyrus was only available in certain areas and was also a long process to make. Papyrus was able to withstand dry climates but if br... ... middle of paper ... ...ved way for many recent technology advancements. Media is ever changing and with one invention becoming inexistent, another is born. Many of the earlier communications inventions have advanced and developed to fit the needs of society today. Although one would think that all technology becomes obsolete when another advancement is made, the truth is that almost nothing disappears; it just advances to fit the technology of the time period. The Internet has been integrated on almost every aspect of technology today and continues to grow by the second. I’ve always thought about whether or not someone could create something that is larger than the Internet, a new technology that has been unheard of until its release. With new technology, anything is possible. Works Cited Fang, Irving E. Alphabet to Internet: Media in Our Lives. 2nd ed. St. Paul, MN: Rada, 2012. Print.
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