A High Schooler 's Transition For College Life Essay

A High Schooler 's Transition For College Life Essay

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A High schooler’s transition to college life can be difficult since time management becomes a major priority towards success. In other words, it is up to the student to finish assignments on time. As a previous high school student and now a college student, time management has become a constant concern of mine. My time management was significantly better in high school than college because I didn’t have hard assignments so I didn’t develop strategies for good time management.
I wasn’t ready for the package of responsibility when I took my first steps as a UC Davis student. I was accustom to having assignments that didn’t require studying in high school, therefore, college homework became hard to manage. My high school strategy was to procrastinate I would wait till the last minute to finish an assignment, correspondingly I develop bad student strategies which soon led to consequences as a student in a UC. One of the consequences was developing an unhealthy diet that affected my ability to completely focus on my assignments. According to Heibutzki “Students who can 't...

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