What´s Personal Responsibility

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Personal responsibility to me means taking accountability for your own actions, Making a commitment and sticking to it. In order to be a success in college, you have to apply your life learned lessons to the equation, to balance both school and out of school priorities. Because You are responsible for the choices you make, you are ultimately responsible for your success. Becoming a master organizer and learning how to manage your time efficiently, will help you achieve your goals. Taking responsibility for all that happens while you are in college will help you prevail in areas, where you may have lacked confidence. Critical thinking and a desire to succeed will help you accomplish your goals. When it comes to our personal and professional lives, Managing your time efficiently should be a mastered ability. As a student, this could have a huge effect on performance and grades. Seeing that Time Management is imperative when it comes to college and success, recognizing bad habits, should be one of the first obstructions immediately eliminated from your daily schedule. Create new habits if you tend to procrastinate and start planning ahead to manage your most important priorities. According to David Allen (2001),"Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity" (p.59) "changes in the way you clarify and organize all things that command your attention-could represent a significant shift in how you approach some key aspects of your day to day work." Setting up deadlines and completing your assignments a few days before the due date will eliminate the procrastination stage. Creating a list with the most important priorities first, will help sort out your assignments and eliminate stress and feeling overwhelmed. Eliminati... ... middle of paper ... ... do it and moments when you question your capacity to succeed.However, this is typical, however, don't let the questions themselves claim your confidence. In conclusion, There are many things you will need to change and learn about yourself to be a success in college and taking accountability for all that happens while in college, will teach you growth and maturity. Relying on these positive techniques will allow you to accomplish not only being a great student but giving you the tools and exposure to be the best employee after obtaining your dream degree. I believe that most students may be successful in college and that the measure of handwork, devotion, and dedication are the features that divides the students who are effective from the students who are not. We may not all be effective at everything, yet don't work against yourself and at any rate try it out.
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