A Freedom And Slavery Can Not Coexist Essays

A Freedom And Slavery Can Not Coexist Essays

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I. Introduction
A. Freedom and slavery cannot coexist.
B. After nine months under Thomas Auld, Frederick Douglass was lent to Edward Covey, a poor farmer who was sent slaves from slave owners who could not handle their slaves for training. Douglass spent a year with Covey, being brutally whipped because he was not familiar with farm instruments and techniques, due to his time spent in the city. Douglass even thought of killing him, then himself, because of his cruelty. After Douglass’ time with Covey ended in, he was sent to William Freeland, whom he called the best master he has ever had. Under Freeland, he had plans to escape, but were foiled by another slave, resulting in his arrest. Thomas Auld bailed him out and sent him to Hugh Auld, where he earned money as a ship caulker. He eventually used his money to get himself to New York via the underground railroad.
C. In a passage in which Frederick Douglass recounts his emotions on escaping slavery and arriving in New York in 1838, he uses metaphors, parallelism, and syntax in order to convey his state of helplessness as a fugitive slave.
II. Douglass uses metaphors to convey his state of joy, which soon turned to helplessness, as he realizes the situation that he is in, as a fugitive slave by comparing slave owners and slave hunters to animals.
A. He recalls of the moment when he first arrives in New York and describes what he felt in a letter he wrote to a friend.
1. “escaped a den of hungry lions”
2. He compares Maryland to the den that houses the hungry lions, alluding to the slave owners who are looking to harm their slaves. His arrival in New York is an important moment in his life, signifying the end of his pain and suffering. However, as he rea...

... middle of paper ...

...ess as he realizes the possible dangers of being a fugitive slave, making him paranoid and fearful of other people, which is why, through metaphors, he compares them to vicious animals. Additionally, by using parallelism, Douglass expresses his feelings of vulnerability due to him receiving and achieving little help from others in hopes of avoiding accidental contact with the slave hunters, resulting in him becoming helpless. Douglass expresses how his views of his escape changes, through syntax, as he spends more days in New York as a fugitive slave, shifting from joyful and excitement at the moment of his arrival to isolated and helpless.
B. Everybody is entitled to freedom. However, slavery takes slaves’ entitlements away. Slavery contradicts every concept regarding freedom. It is not fair for one people to be free while the other literally slaves away.

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