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A Feminist Perspective On Women Essay example

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A feminist is a women with the intentions of figuring out the dynamic differences between two genders, that of male and female. They question the hard fought argumentative battle of women 's stereotypical frame of being a mother, or being a servant of the male gender. An important view by authors and psychologist that explain the dynamic point of view with women and their psychological stages of development. Women get exploited by men because of their dominance. An article written by Paul Theroux shows how women are changing their views with the development of life. As they grow older their power changes from being with their parents home, to college, and then too being married and having children. Something society views upon on, and is a necessity to life in this world. Masculinity is the possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men. Affecting the way men are sought out to be, strong, smart, and powerful in their aptitude. Weather now, a feminist comes into play, and they question these “rights” and the authority men intake. Feminists are a product of such stereotypical beliefs, an article by Paul Theroux called “Being a man” explaining the ways of feminism, and its outright.

Feminism is imagined to be oppressive sense of nakedness, even the expression “Be a man!” strikes me as insulting and abusive. It means be stupid, be unfeeling, obedient, soldierly, and stop thinking. Man means “manly”—how can one think about men without considering the terrible ambition of manliness? And yet it is apart of every man’s life. It is hideous and crippling lie; it not only insists on difference and connives at superiority, it is also by its very nature destructive-emotionally damaging and socially harmful. (Being a Man-Paul ...

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..., but most men believe—and with reason—that their lives are just as bad. The closing statements that is regarded here is really strong and takes his whole paper to a toll that is important to the reader and the grader. Theroux shows consistency throughout his work, but lacks some impotent remakes to how these issues can be fixed, further more his cognitive strategy is wrong on the part of the author. The book Their eyes was watching God shows an exceptional transition starting out as leaned helplessness to the women learning that men isn 't something she needs in her life since all three had died, yet she still stood tall. Stood tall against logan, Jody, and Tea Cake. But at the end God was the one watching out for Janie due to her affection by other men, he was protecting her… trying to teach her. That is the moral of the story. Feminism is by experience, not chance.

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