Essay on A Drawing is a Line Going to a Walk

Essay on A Drawing is a Line Going to a Walk

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What is Drawing?

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” Paul Klee (Klee, 2010)

Drawing is to create a picture, image or diagram with a pencil or pen by making lines or marks on a piece of paper or other material. The common theory I have found, after questioning several people on what their definition of drawing was, is that drawing is a method to convey feelings or emotions onto a piece of paper, using a pencil or pen so that others can see what they are thinking or feeling. This is correct but is this the only way drawing is used?

Drawing has a vast variety of descriptions as to what they thought drawing was it seems that there are three common usages ; drawing as an art form, as a tool for communication or as part of the design process (Mendelowitz, 1980) clarifies this when he stated

“ No definition, even thought it is broad and all inclusive, can give a sense of the range and variety of activities covered by the word drawing: Three general divisions come to mind:
1) the drawing that is a record of what is seen,
2) the drawing that is a visualization of what is nonexistant (the projection of imagined forms and relationships), and
3) the drawing that is a graphic symbol which can be read ecause the meaning is commonly understood (for eg a graph or a floor plan)”

Drawings can be used as a means for communication by conveying information, ideas or thoughts so it helps develop a project. Designers, filmmakers and advertisers use these drawings to plan the early stages of the creative development.

Drawing is typically known artistically: as a main final piece or at the very beginning of a project as a preliminary exercise. Usually using a dry form of medium such as a pencil, charcoal or pastel...

... middle of paper ...

concrete: By exploring his subconscious, he naturally hits upon personal themes : war, exile, loss of identity.” (Almurayati, 2013) Saif takes arabic and draws it on a medium, whether it be slate, or a slab of concrete and gets lost in his thoughts and draws each word that comes into his head repeatedly until he is happy with the finished work and the statement he hopes to portray.

Almurayati S (2011) Attaining Safe Haven, Janet Clayton Gallery [online image] Available at: [Accesssed 28 March 2014].

In conclusion the outlook for drawing is positive. This skill is always going to be required as technology advances as ironically in order to produce this ever advancing technology the simplest task of drawing will be an essential tool that is simply indespensible.

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