A Diverse Society Can Coexist Peacefully Essay

A Diverse Society Can Coexist Peacefully Essay

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In America, there are many different nationalities, cultures, beliefs, and values. This diversity is one thing that makes America so attractive to outsiders. Along with the many benefits this diversity brings to society, however, it also causes some challenges. Challenges such as a clash of cultural beliefs; clashes of the way society should view its ethical obligations toward family and those they love. These beliefs are definitely influenced by the culture people were raised in and the values inculcated into them from youth. In an extremely diverse country, like the United States of America, this causes trouble because these conflicts or clashes can create tense surroundings. Despite having many cultural differences, society can effectively and peacefully coexist, and they can do this by being open to cooperation, building on common values and beliefs, and learning to respect the beliefs of other cultures.
The numerous cultures and beliefs in the world give variety and spice to life. In each culture, there are different values that are given focus and instilled into the youth. As such, when society brings two or more different cultures together, there is bound to be a tendency to clash because different people hold different values and beliefs. In Amparo Ojeda’s piece, “Growing up American: Doing the Right Thing”, Amparo gives evidence of this. While she was receiving her education in America she stayed with an American family and was able to experience first-hand the differences between cultures. Raised in the Filipino culture, where “children were reminded to never interrupt when adults were talking, and to avoid annoying behavior, especially in the company of adults” (Ojeda 116). She saw just the opposite while spending ti...

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...re is no room for ethical relativism in a cooperative, high-functioning diverse society. If society becomes blind to other point of views that may be better than the beliefs it already holds, then it becomes more difficult for that society to progress. And if society is not moving forward then it is moving backward.

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