A Day Of Mourning And Injustice Essay

A Day Of Mourning And Injustice Essay

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July 20, 2012, marks a day of mourning and injustice. Across the country, teary-eyed Americans, overwhelmed with shock and despair, read the headlines that covered every media outlet. The mere mention of the name “James Holmes” caused people to shudder in horror. How could one man be so incredibly malicious and destructive? Detailed plans of his mass murder were written down, and they revealed his malevolent heart. It is impossible to comprehend the amount of malice and hostility Holmes contained in his sinister soul.
As he slipped into the midnight premiere of the Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, he set off tear gas grenades and shot his gun rapidly into the crowd. Confusion and horror captivated the theatergoers as they struggled to stay alive. Eyewitnesses described the scene as horrifying. Pools of blood covered the floor as people kissed their fatally wounded loved ones goodbye. A night of celebration and delight had turned into a devastating nightmare. A total of twelve lives were lost, and seventy others were wounded (Lott, 2012). The innocent killed were undeniably heroes, as many of them sacrificed their lives in order to protect those around them.
Four years later, Americans are still mourning the lives that were atrociously taken. James Holmes had strategically planned his mass murder; the scheme began with a simple research of nearby theaters. Eventually, he decided on Cinemark’s Century Theater in Colorado (Lott, 2012). Why did Holmes choose this location? The theater was not the closest one to his house. In fact, another nearby theater, called the “home of Colorado’s largest auditorium,” was showing the midnight premiere of the Batman movie (Lott, 2012). Holmes had systematically plotted out the steps needed t...

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... obtain guns illegally would become even more of a threat.
Since these gun-free zones make attackers aware of their strength, they should be banned. If potential shooters know that their targets are armed, their chances of carrying out a shooting are significantly less. Criminals tend to prey on the weak and will not go up against someone who is armed. Gun-free zones send a clear message to potential shooters: everyone inside is unarmed and defenseless. Criminals have every intention of breaking the law. Gun-free zones only stop law-abiding citizens from carrying weapons, not criminals. It is time for Americans to stand up and protect themselves. Citizens should have the ability to stop mass shootings before they occur. The people should have the power to protect the lives of the innocent at all times, regardless of their surroundings.

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