A Cup a Day: Why Everyone Should Drink Coffee Essay

A Cup a Day: Why Everyone Should Drink Coffee Essay

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Were you aware that the average American citizen consumes over 70 gallons of coffee per year? If so, you may be included in the 52% of Americans who make up this statistic, and that appreciates coffee as one of the most remarkable beverages in the history of the world. The delicious drink holds a great reputation for energizing those who indulge themselves with a cup of hot java. Coffee beans are very high in caffeine, a chemical that has tends to stimulate the brain, giving the consumer a sense of alertness and activity. Coffee has been enjoyed for centuries across the globe, and recent studies have discovered many newer qualities of this mystical black liquid. A nicely made cup of espresso has been proven to improve your state of mind, contribute to your physical condition, and lower your risk of multiple different forms of diseases.
As most people know, coffee has a significant impact on the brain, giving it the ability to affect you mentally. Famously, coffee is known to keep people awake and alert, which is a major factor to its appeal. Caffeine, coffee’s active ingredient, is the primary factor in the beverage’s energizing effect. After a person intakes caffeine, it’s delivered into their bloodstream, traveling blood vessels to the brain, where the chemical is able to carry out its function. The caffeine targets a chemical known as adenosine, a hormone that blocks other psychoactive chemicals in the brain in order to calm a person down, making adenosine a necessity in causing a human to fall asleep. After the hormone is impeded by caffeine, the brain is able to produce other stimulants, which cause a sudden production of energy in a person’s body, causing the “rush” experience that is typical of coffee drinkers. Be...

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