Essay on A Critical Incident Encountered During Practice Early 2015

Essay on A Critical Incident Encountered During Practice Early 2015

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Critical Reflection

In this reflective assignment, I am going to be discussing a critical incident encountered in practice early 2015. My second point will focus on reflection; define reflection, types of reflection used and why it is important to reflect in practice. I will apply Driscoll model of reflection. (Driscoll, 2007 cited in Nunn, 2012). Under critical incident, I will define and explain our feelings during the time of incident and what was implemented after the incident. Martin (2014) defines critical incident as an event or episode that deviates from the expected or desired cause and could have potentially negative effects for patients care and safety. The incident shocked and left the staff that was on duty traumatized, but at the same time an eye opener to the fact that more in-house trainings were implemented. The other point is to describe and state the types of communication used in Berlo SMCR (sender, message, channel, receiver) model of communication. (Narula, 2006)

Reflection is a broad term defined in different ways and commonly used in clinical practice. In this assignment I have chosen the definition that goes hand-in hand with health care professional. Taylor (2010) states that reflection is defined as throwing back of thoughts and memories in order to make sense of them, and to make contextually appropriate changes if they are required. Reflection is also described as a way of self-assessment on your actions and thinking, and it is a significant way to personal development and learning (Nielsen et al.,2007). Martin (2014) defines reflection as the careful thought of one’s own professional practice, including the ability to review, analyse and evaluate situations during or after events. Reflection is div...

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... no matter what situation, be a good communicator including verbal and nonverbal communication. Since this incident happened there are so many changes that has taken place in the company. In-house trainings have been implemented such as mental Capacity Act so that the staff could understand the Deprivation of Liberty (DOLs), the policy for missing resident in relation to prevention and how to respond. All service users to be risk assessed of absconding during the first 30 days of admission and develop a special care plan. It is the responsibility of all employees to monitor the service user for signs of confusion, loneliness, depression and unhappiness due to the change of home. All service users with absconding history they have a wander protection device alarm which automatically locks the main door when the service user is about a meter away.

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