A Conflicting Reward System Within A Criminal Justice Organization Essay

A Conflicting Reward System Within A Criminal Justice Organization Essay

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Thesis: A conflicting reward system within a Criminal Justice organization makes reaching the goals set forth by the administrators of the organization more difficult to accomplish. If individual achievement is rewarded then the organization as a whole may suffer and not succeed in the goals set before it. If the organization as a whole is rewarded and individuals are not recognized for individual accomplishments the moral of the department may suffer. Criminal Justice administrators must balance goals and personnel behavior with a reward system that helps accomplish the overall goals of the organization yet still recognize the individual employee for his/her accomplishments.

Reward systems are a part of life as toddlers, as school aged children and as adults in the work place. We are given rewards for “good” behavior and we are expected to carry out our responsibilities in a certain fashion before we are given a reward. There are several examples of rewards systems producing the opposite of desired behavior in an article by Steven Kerr entitled “On the Folly of Rewarding A While Hoping for B”. In this article Mr. Kerr outlines several examples of organizational administrators using reward systems for employees in the hope that the employees will exhibit a desired behavior. Most of the examples described in the article resulted in the organization failing to reach goals and the employees exhibiting behavior that was the exact opposite of the intent of the managers. Kerr lists six common management reward follies in his article. On the side for “We Hope For…” 1) long term growth; environmental responsibility, 2) teamwork, 3) setting challenging “stretch” objectives, 4) downsizing; rightsizing; delayering; r...

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...dministrators are expected to produce more efficiency with less money. Individuals must be recognized in some manner in order to continue motivation for job performance. Administrators will need to continue to set reasonable goals for an organization. In the criminal justice system this can be done through showing officers the personal rewards they will receive for performance of their duties. When officers encounter citizens it is usually when the citizen is at their worst. The way an officer handles a situation may influence the offender to change his way of life and stay out of the criminal justice system in the future. When law enforcement personnel see this as a reward their performance of duties will be enhanced and the goals of the organization will be reached in turn helping the administrator succeed (Samina 's Forum for Police Support, 2014).

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