Essay about A Career as Youth Ministry

Essay about A Career as Youth Ministry

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Youth ministry is a career that I feel will suit me very well. I love being around kids and spreading the Word to the young people of the world. I want to touch every person I work with both spiritually and emotionally. I will use my knowledge and love of God to do so. Youth Ministry is not only a career…it is a calling.
Youth ministry originated during the industrial revolution period, in the 19th century. When young men and women started moving into the more central urban areas of cities to start working, the churches started to take notice. They wanted to formally educate the men, women, and adolescence during the urbanization period. A desirable effect was not only education, but rather an awakening to mainly teens. The ministers wanted the teens to realize that through the bible, that they are sinners and need forgiveness. In the 1850s, the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) and the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) were created through the roots of youth ministry. Youth ministry basically takes mostly teens who either have a strong faith, or are somewhat lost in their faith, and tries to encourage them to become even more engaged in their religion.
There are hundreds of thousands of youth ministers all around the globe. Sadly, the trends in youth ministry are slowly starting to decline. A major contributing factor to this issue…is church attendance. Society today has taken a sad turn for the worst, and most people don’t know who Jesus is. I want to be one of the people to make at least the smallest difference in this issue. Since less people are not going to church, it means that less money goes into the offering. Less money in the church means not enough money to pay the people who work at the church. Ex...

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...n hour, and about $43,660 annually. The amount of earnings I make would have to depend on denomination, congregation size, experience, and location. I am going to have to refer to something I said earlier. Because church population is declining, it means that pay for the church employees will decline also. Benefits of being a youth minister can include dental and health benefits, paid insurance policies, contributions to retirement home plans, and paid sick and vacation days.
There is not much to advance in with this field. Once again, it would depend on location, denomination, size of congregation, and experience. I would not need any additional training for any extra duties.
I still have not changed my mind on this career. The amount of money I make or how big of a house I may live in will not keep me from helping the people of the world connect with God.

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