Essay about A Brief Note On U.s. Labor Union

Essay about A Brief Note On U.s. Labor Union

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This article talks about the U.S. Labor Union and how its union members have shown a slight decline in 2014. These said declines were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows declines in both private and public sectors. Both sectors combined show a 11.1% decline with the private sector dropping -.1%, however the public sector increased by .4%. Roughly 41,000 union members were added to the private sector in various areas such as construction, leisure and hospitality per the article. However, this didn’t do the trick as far as keeping up with the total private-sector employment, said Mr. John Schmitt, who is a senior economist for a research center. “The overall workforce is growing faster than the union workforce,” said Mr. Schmitt. The article explains this isn’t a good thing for the labor movement since it shows they are stuck in somewhat of a rut and not getting out. Basically the workers in general is increasing more so than union workers. In 27 states and District of Columbia, overall rates have declined with union membership, yet 18 states increased and 5 states remained the same. The article gives another comparison between the public and private sectors, being within the public sector, there were 7.2 million that belonged to the union and 7.4 union members in the private sector. The article mentions Michigan which is typically a state that has a high number of union members due to it having many manufacturing businesses, but even this state saw a decline with now being in 11th place, when previously being in the top 10 states at 7th place. Typically the private sector had the most union membership growth and about 8,000 members were added, but with the unemployment rate increasing, this sector still felt a d...

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...ribes marketing and different ways to reach consumers either from a B2B or B2C view. The book and article both mentions there is a smaller market for B2B, and a much larger market for B2C with a variance of structures within each. In addition, marketing research comes into play from either side (B2B or B2C). The goal of each is to obtain business and get more customer orders. Another key difference which is mentioned in the book is the B2B buyers may have their thinking process down when it comes to making decisions as opposed to consumers. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the marketing approach and how well tuned the marketers are. There is a much broader number of household consumers than business consumers. It s just a matter of which approach is more successful; a more personal (emotional) approach, or analytical and providing a happy medium for both.

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