A Brief Note On The Post Industrial Context Essay

A Brief Note On The Post Industrial Context Essay

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2.1 The post-industrial context

The city has turned into a landscape ruled by the new global economy and a new informational space (Hall 1997; Castells, X) that defines the transition between the industrial city pattern and the post-industrial started in the late 60’, within the context of the globalization.

One main aspect could be the transformation of the downtown (Gospodini, 2006). The establishment of the new global economic activities has allowed the apparition of the Central Business Districts (CBD) in the inner center of the cities. This could explain the adaptation of post-industrial cities in the global economy and one example might be the apparition of transitional activities such as the settlement of multinational companies in the CBD (Sassen, X). Another second aspect of the post-industrial city is the length that had extended to the suburbs as a result of the population growth (Wilson 2014, p. 13). One instance of such situation could be evidenced in the metropolitan city model such as the mononuclear cities or the megalopolis. The third aspect of the postindustrial pattern is the de-industrialization of secondary sector activities and the rise of the tertiary sector due to the IT impact in cities which has been turned into an “informational city” which presents a new pattern of interconnected society (Castells, 2000. pp.33). Thus, the current geographical landscape of cities is characterized by the loss of the industrial production in front of the apparition of the specialized services in the urban centers (Stock, 2011).

2.2 The gentrification issue
‘Gentrification’ is an urban process defined by the population displacement due to an urban modification of the district. The 1st phase of this process consists o...

... middle of paper ...

...tralia) and the Open Data from the Barcelona Council website (Spain). This study has recollected the population’s data within the period from 1991 to 2015 (Adelaide, Barcelona). Due to limitations in the ABS Census (Australia) in some graphics the Adelaide’ results are limited to 2011 year.
a) The land value has suffered a previous fall after displacement
In order to create graphic support for variable a) has been required data of the average price in the housing (1991-2011, district of BCN). Due to limitations in the ABS Census datasets (Australia) in the case of Adelaide has been required data related to the evolution of housing price percentage (2003-2015, district of ADL). The results of the graphics have been analyzed with the aim to demonstrate whether the financial system it is explained due to the global economic system, a global dynamics trend in cities.

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