A Brief Note On Crime And Crime Rates Essay example

A Brief Note On Crime And Crime Rates Essay example

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Crime has been a substantial problem worldwide since the beginning of mankind. As the population continues to grow the potential for crime has the possibility of rising as well. The types of crimes committed can range from petty theft to the extreme such as murder. Either way these crimes have a perpetrator and a victim of some sort. Which makes no crime a victimless one despite how small or big the action was. I reside in a central Texas city known as Killeen. Killeen is a city that is surrounded by military and nonmilitary families. I’m sure the crime rates in Killeen have some effect with the constant coming and going of military families from all around the nation. Along with that, we must look at the job rates, poverty line, and community involvement when analyzing the types of crimes in Killeen.
Additionally, within the past three years the city of Killeen has seen its fair share of rising and falling crime rates. For example, between the years of 2014 and 2015 the overall crime rate decreased 13.3% even though violent crimes rose 0.8%. However so far in 2016 violent crimes such as aggravated assault has drop significantly from 515 in 2015 to 278 so far in 2016. Likewise, crimes involving murder dropped from 17 to 5 in the 2015 and 2016 calendar years (Killeen Police Department, n.d.).
In contrast, on a national level the rate of violent crimes have increased slightly from the years of 2014 to 2015. The FBI has revealed that there was a 3.9% increase in violent crimes nationwide in 2014-2015 years which would come out to about 1,197,704 crimes committed. It is also estimated for the year of 2015 that there were 15,696 murders. Plus, out of the 1,197,704 violent crimes committed about 24.2% were aggravated assault crimes c...

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...eger, 2016).
In conclusion, crime is going to be a never-ending battle that needs to be supported by the community and the police departments if people want to see a steady decline instead of rising numbers. In my town of Killeen, if you are not military there is not much for you here. If you are not military you are more than likely living in poverty and having a hard time finding a job. This creates an opened field for crime to be committed, and it does. On a personal note, I do not let my wife and kids go anywhere at night without me, or without protection because of the crimes committed. On a national level, Killeen stands high on the crime riddled city list because of its diversity. To get some type of grasp on the crimes committed nationwide or city wide we, the people of the US, need to demand more crime prevention and less drawbacks in the police departments.

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