A Brief Note On Automobile Accidents Caused The United States Essay

A Brief Note On Automobile Accidents Caused The United States Essay

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According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 1.3 million people die annually due to car crashes, and an additional twenty to fifty million people are injured in these horrendous accidents. Automobile wrecks extend beyond that of those involved; it reaches to family members and individuals who took time out of their lives to be involved in that of the victims. Main causes of the irreversible accidents in the United States are driving while under the influence, speeding along the highways, and careless, unsafe driving behind the wheel.
Each day individuals throughout the world are involved in accidents. However, these at home, minor accidents are miniscule compared to automobile accidents. A majority of our population have been involved in these minor accidents such as spilling a drink or breaking a pencil, but not a single accidental action can possibly fathom an automobile accident. My father was involved in an accident where he ran a stop sign and was T-Boned by a mini-van. Receiving the news was heartbreaking and brought forth an emotion that I had never felt before due to the fact that the situation was unexpected and the information could not be gathered quickly. As the news was relayed to my family, we sat and shock and awe because it had happened so fast. Later he explained that he was reading a map, and he knew of no surroundings because he was so enveloped in this distraction. He was knocked out on impact and when he awoke he could smell diesel and see a crushed mini-van, from which he drew conclusions that he must have injured children. However, there were only two ladies, one of which spent eight months in the hospital and the other who was injured just slightly. From this lawsuits were...

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...tasking and that these minor distractions bring no threat to them. However, it is statistically proven that those who text are twenty-three times more likely to be involved in a crash and thus affect the lives of others around them (Pines.)
Many accidents can be prevented. It is statistically proven that at least two-thirds of our accidents as well as our roadway deaths are caused from preventable factors such as alcohol, distractions, and an easy task of speeding. If these actions were to be prevented in our society, then our environments would be much safer along with our people being able to enjoy the life they have been given. There would no longer exist outside factors or causes that bring about these accidents, but instead the only accidents that would occur would be those that are not preventable, and in our society, we can truly label those as an accident.

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