A Based On Intensity, Frequency, And Compliance Essays

A Based On Intensity, Frequency, And Compliance Essays

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Based on intensity, frequency, and compliance, the purpose of our improvement program is to advise muscle strength training to student athletes after surgery due to their injuries. Since the study was focused on student athletes of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, the results were based on fall sports, which relates to students involved with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), the ACL is in the middle of the knee and controls the motion. One opinion of the study, it may or may not be beneficial to participate in muscle strengthening due to gait kinematics and range of motion. Because student athletes that are involved in fall sports, such as soccer or basketball, ACL injuries are the most common type of injury. Our program is beneficial because it helps the students in a speedy recovery, which would lead them into full participation in their particular sport, and a better lifestyle. Not only for those student athletes involved in ACL injuries, but also those involved in foot and ankle pathologies. As a student that is involved in sports, it is a challenge to be placed in one condition without being active. Another opinion, male athletes are able to have a larger number of workload than females. In the eyesight of men, a female is viewed as someone below them and are not able to fulfill the duty the way a man could. In the study, there were a total of 25 student athletes; 10 were males, and 15 were females. Each student had some type of knee and/or foot and ankle injury. They were advised to participate in weight lifting activities with a physical therapist. Both males and females were involved in range of motion activities and lifting weights.

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...ndings, and the opinion is what was thought to be a finding. For example, one opinion was if the study was going to be beneficial to the athletes participating. The results show that participating in the program is beneficial because the student athletes have had improvements on gait kinematics and range of motion. The results fit in with existing knowledge because it is known that many students are faced with injures due to a variety of sports, and with a rehabilitation program in place after the surgery, it is important to be involved in. The rehabilitation program not only assist the student in their movement to return to their sport, but also have an impact on their lifestyle. Because of the injury, the individual may be limited to a number of activities to participate in. With the rehabilitation program, the number of activities to participate in could be fewer.

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