The ' Mindset The New Psychology Of Success ' By Carol S. Dweck Essay

The ' Mindset The New Psychology Of Success ' By Carol S. Dweck Essay

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The Change that led to Success
Have you ever thought about yourself if you are in the fixed or a growth mindset? A fixed mindset person is someone who overcomes obstacles, works hard, and failure does not stop them. On the other hand a person who is in the fixed mindset is someone who is non challenge, gives up, or thinks that success is abuse. In a book called “Mindset The New Psychology of Success” the author Carol S. Dweck talks about different ways we can convert ourselves from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and the author also talks about the qualities of the growth and fixed mindsets. In a movie“Freedom Writers” the author Erin Gruwell shows us how she was a growth minded teacher but her students were in the fixed minded group. Throughout the school year the students had a fixed mindset but as time went by the students somehow their mindsets into the growth mindset. Freedom writers illustrates the fixed mindsets of the teacher and students and a growth minded teacher who changed everything.
In the book Mindset, Dweck defines teacher with a fixed mindset. The fixed minded teachers focus more on judging than on teaching them. In the book Dweck said, “ Teachers with the fixed mindset create an atmosphere of judging . These teachers look at students’ beginning performance and decide who 's smart and who 's dumb. Then they give up on the “dumb” ones “ (197) . This means that those teachers look at decide which are smart and which are dumb and they give up on the dumb ones because they know that they won 't learn. Also those teachers with the fixed mindset don 't set high standards for their students because they think that students can 't handle challenges. Dweck said, “these students are dim-witted, so they need the s...

... middle of paper ... the by Anne Frank book. He later on goes to the library and gets books for himself because his life changed around and he likes to read and learn. Marcus later on goes home and tells his mother to forgive him and he wants to start all over. Because Ms.Gruwell was a growth mindset teacher she gave her students the opportunity to change from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset.
In conclusion, Mrs.Gruwell 's journey with the fixed mindset students had a lot of obstacles but through her growth mindset she influenced the students and gave them hope for the future.In the book it says “Many people with the fixed mindset thing the world needs to change not them”. That 's true, a lot of people see themselves as perfect and not thinking about changing but when it comes to challenges then tend to fail. Think again, are you and fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

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