Zimbabwe Is A Nation Country Rich Essay

Zimbabwe Is A Nation Country Rich Essay

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The name Zimbabwe is derived from the Shona phrase "dzimba dzemabe" meaning the stone house (Zimbabwe, n.d.). The former name of Zimbabwe was Southern Rhodesia. Zimbabwe is the home to approximately 15 million people (Population total, n.d.). Zimbabwe is positioned in Southern Africa, which is a region in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zimbabwe recognized for all of the gorgeous scenery such as Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River, Hwange National Park, Safari areas, and Matusadona. Victoria Falls is the world 's most prevailing sheet of falling water, located on the Zambezi River at the border of Zambia. Victoria Falls is named in honor of Queen Victoria of United Kingdom (Zijlma, A, n.d.). The local name for Victoria Falls is "Mosi-oa-Tunya" meaning ‘the smoke that thunder’ (Zijlma, A, n.d.). Zimbabwe is a must see location with heartening tourism that would be remembered. Zimbabwe is a nation rich in culture, that as has a military that’s developing and an uprising economic system.
Zimbabwe culture is unique. Zimbabwe is known for dance, art, pottery, basket ware, beadwork, textile, and jewelry (Basic Information about Zimbabwe Society, n.d.) The official languages of Zimbabwe are English and the Bantu language Shona. However only 2% of the population consider English as their official language. (Basic Information about Zimbabwe Society, n.d.) English is spoken mainly in cities, but least in rural areas. Athletics are an important part of the Zimbabwe culture. Football is the most popular sport and it is played by the majority of the African population (Basic Information about Zimbabwe Society, n.d.). Dance is one of the most vital aspects of the Zimbabwe culture. Dancers are the very pulse of the nation, and their rhy...

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...nal debt in Zimbabwe increased to over 100% of GDP.
The country Zimbabwe has a vibrant culture which consists of many different life altering experiences, which can only be dreamt. The beautiful Victoria Falls ranked among best places to visit worldwide. Key cultural pieces include Makishi dancers, art, jewelry, song, and beadwork. The economy has improved drastically in the last five years. The economy depends significantly on the main industries of coal, gold, platinum copper, and nickel as a resolution to the debt crisis. The people of Zimbabwe have proven independence. The Republic of Zimbabwe refuses help from the Western countries, fearing an incline in the country’s dominance. The military combined to become stronger and to defend the Sovereignty, territorial integrity and the interest of Zimbabwe and Contribute to international peace and stability.

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