Essay on Young Children Experience Mental Health

Essay on Young Children Experience Mental Health

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Social Problem
Young children experience mental health challenges that impact early learning, social interactions, and the overall well being of their families. Based on the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine (2009) report that gathered findings from previous studies, it is estimated that between 13% and 20% of children living in the United States and up to 1 out of 5 children experience a mental disorder in a given year. It is also estimated that between 9% and 14% of children from birth to 5 years of age experience social and emotional problems. In 2003, 12,700 families relinquished custody of their children for the sole purpose of accessing mental health services for their child (Koppelman, 2005).
These problems negatively impact and affect functioning and development (Brauner, 2006). These children may have difficulty in school, sports, and community settings. This in turn often creates hardships for caregivers with their employment, friends, and family. In social settings the caregivers of these children are often isolated and stigmatized because of the child’s behavior. Less than half of children with mental health problems get treatment, services, or support.
One in five children get treatment from a mental health worker with special training to work with children (APA, 2014). Therefore, these Children are not getting the therapy they need in order to gain the skills that can help them be more successful in school, community settings, and family/home life. Children diagnosed with mental and behavioral health disorders are often unable to access the services they need due to the lack of available programs as well as a payer source. Children diagnosed with mental and behavioral disorders left untreated wi...

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...o be donating their time. The bulk of this work will happen outside of regular business hours. Evenings and weekends will be utilized as the primary working hours for the campaign.
A portion of the budget will go to paying for the office supplies necessary for the campaign. This campaign will be strategic and as economical as possible in its communications. The campaign will rely on listserves, advocacy networks, and established media relations. However, it is anticipated that printing certain materials for distribution at key meetings with stakeholders, and policymakers is necessary. Based on budgets for similar campaigns, the projected costs for advocacy activities such as sound system rentals, banners, fliers and handouts as well as any other office supplies will be a total of $4,000.
The chart below demonstrates how the $10,000 will be used and allocated.

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