Essay about You Should Prepare Yourself For Taking Care Of Your Son 24 / 7

Essay about You Should Prepare Yourself For Taking Care Of Your Son 24 / 7

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“Ma’ma I’m sorry to tell you this but you should prepare yourself for taking care of your son 24/7. He will have problems doing simple everyday tasks; brushing his teeth, combing his hair, getting dressed even using the bathroom by himself.”
May 20th, is my Mother and Father’s anniversary and in 2014 they went on a dream trip with my Cousins; Troy and Sally England, Sara and Steve Williams, and more to Las Vegas, Nevada. My parents left friday the 16th to spend a week in Las Vegas, to celebrate the love and joy they have had over their lifetime together and for what was to become, that all changed drastically within a blink of an eye.
May 18th, 2014- just two days after my Mother and father left- My Brother-in-Law, Collin Spencer, older siblings, Stephanie Spencer and Amyliah Smith, and I were babysitting a pair of twins who our family have been babysitting since the day they came home from the hospital. With plenty of daytime and nothing to fill the day with, Collin and Stephanie decided to spend the day at Bundschu Park. Knowing ahead of time that the park,otherwise called a playground, was only two blocks from my house and how I would become bored easily being the youngest besides the twins, I decided to bring my ripstick along with me. A ripstick is a two-wheeled skateboard that is human powered and has two shrunken platforms that are connected by a small metal bar that is usually coated with rubber. After thirty minutes or so I became bored and started to ride my ripstick around the playground. Then I noticed a slight hill that the sidewalk was on and I then tested myself by trying to conquer the hill on the sidewalk. I remember feeling the breeze of that cool May day, I felt at peace with my surroundings and was ready to g...

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... my bed- would tell me that it was alright and that she was there with me. Although she was physically there I would still start to scream and start fighting even louder saying “NO, NO! GO GET MY PARENTS. I WANT MY PARENTS!”
Three days later I was removed from the ICU and a week after that I was able to leave the hospital. The doctors believed that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything by myself. They didn’t think I would be able to participate in cheering or any other sporting event. Yet two weeks later I started tumbling again and went to cheer camp after my third week of being free from the hospital. I should not be alive today or be able to do the things that I do today, but because of the power of God and my wonderful doctors at Children 's Mercy along with the faith of all of my family and friends I am able to walk this Earth by myself and control what I do.

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