The Yellow Fever: A Dangerous Virus Essay examples

The Yellow Fever: A Dangerous Virus Essay examples

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The Yellow Fever virus came from Central or East Africa. With transmission between primates and humans, the virus has been spread from there to West Africa. The virus was probably brought to the Americas with the slave trade ships from 1492 after the first European exploration. The first case of Yellow fever was recorded in Mexico by Spanish colonists in 1648. Consequently, the virus started to spread also in North America. In Philadelphia in 1793, more than the 9% of the population die. The American government had to escape from the city that was the temporary capital. One of the most famous outbreaks happen in Europe in Barcelona in 1821.How explains the article "The 'plague' of Barcelona. Yellow Fever epidemic of 1821", the outbreak of yellow fever that struck Barcelona in 1821 followed a typical guide for the times: a brick from Cuba introduced the disease in the port docks; the epidemic first reached the poor suburbs, and then the center of the city. A sixth of the total population of the city (20,000 inhabitants) died from the scourge. French authorities suddenly took emergency measures at land and maritime borders by locking French ports to Catalan vessels and defining quarantine line along the Pyrenean border controlled by an army 15,000 strong. A medical team including six physicians and two nuns was sent to Barcelona to provide assistance. Only in 1900 the U.S. army researchers discover the cause of Yellow Fever thanks to the experiment of Jesse Lazear lead in Cuba. In 1901 Dr. William Crawford Gorgas began to study how to control mosquitoes and the possible consequences after their disappearance. In 1936, the Harvard instructor Max Theiler developed the first Yellow Fever vaccine. From 1936, scientists never stopped stu...

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... may start as a simple cold and without people realizing it, it can get worst and they may have no idea of what they have. By people knowing about it may make a difference between life and death, because by being educated you can have an idea and get treatment quicker.

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