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The Yale University Art Gallery, according to the Connecticut History. Org ( 2015), was founded in 1833 when John Trumbull donated to the University a collection of over 100 paintings of the American Revolution. The original building was raised in 1901. Currently the gallery, considered to be the oldest in the western hemisphere, houses a huge collection of art and is occupying several buildings of the University. The Main building of the Gallery was built in 1953 and was among the very first designs of Louis Kahn, who taught architecture at Yale. Kahn sought to give the modern, post-WWII architecture a monumentality when designing the gallery. His choice of materials such as heavily textured bricks and bare concrete contrasts with the much more delicate and refined surfaces inside the build as well as the huge glass windows lined with steel. On the outside the buildings ' simple, plain, deprived of any architectural detail walls, sharply contrast against the other Neo-gothic buildings of the University. The entrance is hidden in a niche on the side of the building, surrounded by a multitude of glass fenestrations. After stepping through the door, I found myself in a large, open space surrounded with loft like areas. In the background visible are; the main staircase, which also acts as a sculpture, the elevator, and the mechanical core. The ceiling in some of the rooms looks like a waffle made of a cement. Along with the elements of concrete and steel, the hollow- tetrahedral space frames give the building an industrial feel. Renovation of the building in 2006 by the Polshek Partnership Architects preserved and maintained Kahn 's vision of the building.
The Yale University Art Gallery is an art museum housing, the renowned c...

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... that period in our history. They decorated private homes as well as public buildings and the Roman bathhouses. The common themes represented in the mosaics included animals, fighting gladiators, romantic scenes borrowed from both; Mythology and Astronomy. They were a true masterpiece crafted from thousands of tiny, colored stones and gems called tesserae, set in a mortar ( a type of cement). During the Roman Empire era, aside from their practical aspect serving as an excellent walking surface and a decorative element, much like the frescoes, obelisks and sculptures, the mosaics served as a vehicle for propaganda and a display of the owners ' wealth, social and political success and influence. Sometimes they were used for advertisement. Today they provide insight into the lives of the people of that era. . (Milani-Santarpia, Giovanni., et. Milani, Geraldine., 2015)

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