Worship And The Content Of Worship Essay

Worship And The Content Of Worship Essay

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"The Concept of Worship" and "The Content of Worship"

What is worship? Worship defined as the structuring of time to help it fulfill its purposes. Martin Luther defined Worship as God Speak (rede) to us through the word of God and that in return we talk (reden) back to Him in prayer and songs of Praise. Worship began with obedience to God and a one on one with God. Praise is congregational confirmation.
Worship according to John 4:24, God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and truth. There are five points I would like to address concerning the concept of Worship, one action leads to the next, finally visitation, this is true worship. 1) Bountiful Confidence – comes with your concept of God. You cannot worship someone you do not trust. 2) Admiration is the appreciation of the excellence of God. 3) Fascination – to be filled with the moral excitement, captivated charm, appreciation with who God is. To be struck with astonishment of His magnitude and His splendor of who He is. 4) Adoration means to love God with all the power within you Spiritual, physical, and financial. With respect, yearning, awe, to a degree that causes breathless silence. 5) Next comes Visitation – God’s presence where you are in such awe and too consumed with His presence to speak. You stager not at the promises of God, you consider not limitations with you, but you are fully persuaded with Him all things are possible. This is the point of true worship, you can only marvel in His presence in silence.
Genesis 22:5 (Genesis 22 provides a “perfect picture” illustration of worship) the first biblical reference to “worship” (Gen 22: 5). • Definition of “worship”— is to bow in admiration, awe, and affection (Gen. 24:26)...

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... pleasing to God— this is your spiritual act of worship.
SUMMATION: Every place God has seen to meet any of your needs is a place to worship! So next time you go to church, raise your hands, and shout out to the Lord in "worship" keep in mind that He also expects you to live that worship out in real life. Do not bring your excuses with you as Saul did think that your mere act of worship will be pleasing to God and will absolve you of your sin.
Let this be a lesson to all Christians who come to church to "worship" the Lord, but leave to live as they please the rest of the week. God is looking for your sacrifice of praise, but notice that it is not the fact that you are attending a "worship" service but are an active witness for Him in the world. Then your worship in the time of "worship" will be true worship. Why? Because it will be worship born of obedience.

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Worship And The Content Of Worship Essay

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