The World Wide Web Is A Modern Convenience Essay

The World Wide Web Is A Modern Convenience Essay

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Manufacturer coupons to the savvy shopper is the same as paper money; while, digital coupons and money back applications (apps) are money in individual shoppers’ pockets. With the advancement of modern technologies in smartphones and windows based computers, the World Wide Web is a modern convenience that is a common element in the lives of most adults. Advertisers have provided exceptional online opportunities for shoppers with access to the internet. Today 66% of shoppers use a smartphone. As stated in the graph, there are 78.5 million adult mobile coupon users and 70% use digital coupons. There are over 151 apps available for price comparison. Numerous of these apps having been downloaded by the millions. Along with price comparison apps, consumers can additionally use affiliate websites for additional cash back savings. For the frugal shopper, targeted discounts, comparison-shopping, and cashback offers make paying retail an action of the past in this new digital media world in which we live.
Whether it be a text message to your cell phone, or a targeted discount via an app, these discounts can be massive to the consumer. Visit any local retailer today or view one of their current advertisements and the majority will have an ad requesting you to join their discount club, via a loyalty reward program. Once signed up, consumers can opt in for discounts via text messages. These discounts can vary from free items, percentages off, cents off per item, or a dollar amount off your total purchase price. The consumer can choose which companies to receive targeted deals from or which app they would like to add to their smartphone. Individual deals will vary, but can be based on the consumer’s shopping habits, GPS location or storewide ...

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...aphics. The market targets consumers to brands and retailers in hopes of shoppers opening their wallets (Carter). summary All consumers should take advantage of the money saving offers that retailers are displaying in the media world today. The average consumer could be throwing away a potential savings of hundreds of dollars a year. Targeted discounts could save consumers multitudes of dollars on everyday purchases from dining out, social events, clothing, groceries, and much more. Add comparison-shopping for additional discounts or for maximum savings on large tickets items. Finally, cash back offers is icing on the cake when making online purchases or every day large retailer purchases. It is free money take it! With the mix of targeted discounts, comparison-shopping, and cashback offers, frugal consumers are combining multiple apps and offers for maximum savings.

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