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During early modern European expansion, many interactions took place between Africans, Asians, and Native Americans. Religion, politics, and economic desires were the motivation behind Europe’s desire to expand. Due to their advanced maritime technology and weaponry they were able to do so therefore leading to world globalization. This advanced technology that the Europeans possessed allowed them to take over and control the world’s trade routes, thus connecting various regions of the world that were previously isolated from one another. Growing intellectual curiosity about the outside world mainly sparked this period of expansion as well.
When the Portuguese began exploring the coast of West Africa for gold, their main goal was to become a dominant power within the trading routes. The Portuguese soon became involved in the slave trade though, once realizing the availability of a free labor source. Soon Africa became a primary source for slave labor and slaves were viewed as a commodity to be used as a cheap labor source needed for the plantations being established in the Americas. Upon interacting with Africa, cultural exchange began to take place. Africans desired improved weaponry. They wanted guns instead of the spears that they were being forced to use. The Portuguese wanted spices because it would improve the taste of their food and could be used for medical purposes. Not only that, but eventually the exchange of slaves at West African ports gave way to the Atlantic Slave Trade. Through Portuguese interaction with Africa, a surplus of goods and people began to be exchanged. African merchants would meet with Portuguese traders on the coast where the goods would either be traded or sold. These slaves would then be loaded on t...

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... Africans continue to face injustice due to past social constructs. The Native Americans were wiped out by disease, and had their homes taken away from them. Yet, they became actively involved in new religions, languages, ideas, and even were introduced to new species of animals. Many acted as translators, traders, and even allies to the Europeans. For example, consider the French and Indian War. And indeed, the Asians benefited from their interactions with the Europeans, specifically the Portuguese. Their economy flourished due to silver, and Chinese goods were in high demand. Through the practice of imperialism, the Europeans managed to sink their teeth in countries that held great economic value. Europeans desire to extend their power and ideals, led to great evils while also boosting their economy and their political and social prominence throughout the world.

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