The World Of The Dark But Brilliant Art Of Writing Essay

The World Of The Dark But Brilliant Art Of Writing Essay

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The World of the Dark but Brilliant Art of Writing
In the early 1700s literature became a way to influence people as social media is to the world now. Literature has evolved through the years as in the mid-1700s through 1800s when literature took on a new movement and changed how stories and poems are written it was the birth of Romanticism for the world. Romanticism shaped many of our modern views and has some of the world’s famous novels and authors such as Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, who has a big influence in America writing. As a result of romanticism being so popular a counterpart known as dark romanticism was created this part dealt with the unknown and fears of men as well; as such stories were often very dark and depressing. Authors like Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe are known as dark romanticist for creating dark and melancholy mood in their literature through the supernatural, setting, and guilt.
Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe’s works often dealt with supernatural events, it’s an element that’s found in most their works and is a one of many factors in dark romanticism. The supernatural is an apparent factor in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown; where Goodman Brown walks and talks to the devil himself and finds himself dealing with the dark arts and trying to rescue his wife from the devil. Young Goodman Brown goes on to deal with religion and many of its supernatural aspects such as spirits and demons that make up most of Gothic literature. Goodman Brown’s character changes throughout many of the events that take place in the story and that it is due to the fact that he was dealing with the devil. At the end of the story, Goodman Brown ...

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...! --tear up the planks! --here, here! --it is the beating of his hideous heart!" (718). Both Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe work shows how guilt plays a part in the creation of horror in dark romanticism; for most of their work has some feeling of guilt that builds into the horror of the mood.
In conclusion dark romanticist like Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe’s works are known for having some element of the supernatural, well-constructed set, and the presence of guilt. Their works show their ability to pull the reader into their world with strong imagery and great storytelling. Most of their works are of the supernatural, which is used to create a dark and scary mood within their stories. Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe were great storytellers and their works are masterpiece within American literature.

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