World Debt And Its Impact On Human Abilities Essay

World Debt And Its Impact On Human Abilities Essay

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Every day in the news, we hear about how well developed countries have made advancements into the future of better living. The medical and technological advancements have made an impact on human abilities to live and communicate. Although this is amazing, people fail to realize how lucky countries such as Canada, America, and the United Kingdom, are for having the opportunity to live luxuriously. The money that these countries possess is the reason that they are considered as “First World Countries”. However countries such as Africa, Afghanistan, and Haiti, have all been labeled as “Third World Countries”. The reason being is because of an ongoing issue for each of these have fallen victim too. Third world debt.
Third world debt has become a major problem around the world. Countries do not have the money to support the people living in it, and because of that millions of people around the world have lost their lives due to hunger, thirst, or war. There are many countries around the world that suffer from third world debt. Countries such as Africa, Haiti, Malawi, and Afghanistan are all examples of countries that have been affected by third world debt. Due to the lack of money, these countries have been labeled as weak and have been primary targets for war for countries looking to expand their land.
War and natural disasters have been a common cause for third world debt amongst these countries. The government uses the money to prepare for war, or to repair the damages that have been left behind due to earthquakes, tsunamis, or any other natural disaster. While first world countries do as much as they can to help, the damages that have been done may be too severe to recover from.
The idea of third world debt is considered as a s...

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...eliminate it. The Catholic Church says that we must help the ones in needs, and that it is the duty of First World Countries to help the poor. I completely agree with that, not only because it would get rid of debt, but also because it would create more peace around the world.
Third world debt is a quiet issue that has one of the biggest effects on third world countries. Millions of people are unable to live their lives without the fear of death staring them right in the face. The world has taken the right step into eliminating third world debt with all the charities and fundraisers that have been arranged, but there is still a lot more that the first world countries can do. Soon enough third world debt will be eliminated from the world and everybody will be recognized as the “chosen one” by Jesus for their contributions. The days of third world debt are numbered.

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