The World Conference On Human Rights Essay

The World Conference On Human Rights Essay

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Moreover, according to Hanna Arendt, the magnitude of the European refugee crisis also propelled human rights to the centre of post-war international politics. Forced displacements as a result of the Second World War, the Holocaust, the Cold War and then later anticommunists escapees was on such a large scale it made a huge impact on the encountering nations, and the international enforcement and protection of innocent civilians (Hoffman, 2010). There were approximately eight million civilians who qualified as "displaced persons" under the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, including: slave labourers, prisoners of war, liberated concentration camp inmates, with most of them being Eastern Europeans. Many of these stateless refugees refused to abide by the their national governments instructions and return home; this was a reflection of the post-war human rights concept: individual rights over state omnipotence (Hoffman, 2010).
By the 1990 's there was a global increase of domestic and international institutions designed to protect and promote human rights. The World Conference on Human Rights ended with the acceptance of The Vienna Declaration Programme of Action, 1993, signed by 171 states. This was a reaffirmation of the significance of International Human Rights. (Cox, 2013). Human Rights institutions have achieved many successes over the past sixty years, for example, Amnesty International, 1961, is a global movement of 2.8 million people in over 150 countries and has campaigned against torture, the use of child soldiers, death penalty land minds, and also urged the release of 152 prisoners of conscience, and supported women 's rights (Amnesty International, 2014).
However, it appears that despite the adva...

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...ome cases, when a person extends their rights it can be at the expense of others; such as when a newspaper expresses its right to freedom of expression, another person 's right to privacy may be compromised (Elliot and Quinn, 2011). This existence of ambiguity within the declaration is a central critique of its weakness. The war on terror has resulted in many member states to recourse to numerous violations of the UDHR (Posner, 2014). For instance, the US resorted to interrogational torture in order to justify protecting the human rights from terrorist threats (Holzinger, 2013). UK government passed the Antiterrorist Crime and Security Act 2001 allowing it to detain suspected terrorists without fair trial, and recently, David Cameron has argued that the human rights act is hindering the fight on terrorism, by preventing certain deportations (Elliot and Quinn, 2011).

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