Essay on World And International Policies On Moral Standings

Essay on World And International Policies On Moral Standings

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Global Ethics
Considering society and cultural awareness, the scope of the issue expands to the world and international policies on moral standings. While the example of Firm A and Firm B and the arson may not extend past state or national borders, the reactions and standards of ethical behavior do. Because cultures vary across the world, much of our ethics especially in business mean something different. In France, for example, one source states that, “the French do not like clear procedures: they want to maintain some form of grey zone”, this maneuverability allows for decisions to change depending on what events caused it and what events follow (intercultural management). This gray zone leaves to the hinting of no solid decision whereas in the United States people expect to hold to a decision once made and apply the same decision to different context. In relation to the dilemma the French would likely make the ethical standing on the piece itself rather than the whole. This loose standing stirs up unease to more strict decision making countries, such as the United States, but appeals to more relaxed decision making countries, like Japan. In Japan, business includes “soft no’s” where instead of coming outright forward with disagreement they favor agreement but with modifications. For example, a Japanese representative may say “yes but…” indicating an unspoken no without the damage to the relations, making business difficult for those not accustomed to the difference between straight out disagreement and only alluding to the disagreement.
In terms of the issue, both countries would most likely make the decision on the individual situation, rather than blanketing the entire issue with one or two stipulations like the United State...

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... the research done I have learned that the issue resolves best as case by case. The insight I gained by exploring this dilemma equates to this, no one solution fits the argument. The decisions, the circumstances, the society, the individuals all create unique problems requiring flexible policies in the law and economy on what equals profiteering and what does not. Evaluating the evidence against the society we have today in the United States we find a hard rigid policy that wants to create a singular, all-encompassing, law that fits every situation. It wants to find the ‘perfect balance’ because of ease, counterproductive much? Not all situations will fit the cookie-cutter so the law has to go through an overhaul to fit it again. Whereas an individual, case by case with looser, flexible policy that can fir multiple situations without any changes. Word count 2213

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