Workplace Problems And How They Affect Personal Conflict And Interpersonal Communication

Workplace Problems And How They Affect Personal Conflict And Interpersonal Communication

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Are you a hard worker? If you like most people you go to work to make an income to support your life, which is already pretty hard and tiring. During those hard working hours you will have to deal with workplace conflicts from co-workers or your boss. Harmony in the workplace is very important in increasing productivity and the overall happiness of workers. Workplace conflict will cause a tremendous negative effect in communication, which will lead to lower productivity and serious health consequences. In this paper we I will be talking about workplace problems and how they affect personal conflict and interpersonal communication.
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Conflict can be perceived in different ways of positively communicating about a topic or negatively, but one thing that can’t argued is that conflict occurs in everyday life and there’s no way of escaping it. One form of conflict that occurs frequently due to constant interaction is in the workplace. Many people see workplace conflicts as just disputes between coworkers, when there are many forms of personal conflicts between those coworkers and bosses such as bullying and sexual harassment. Respective career field’s essential importance’s of success forms by how to prevent and resolve these conflicts in a positive manner. While also understand that you can do your best to resolves those issues through different conflict management strategies, but knowing that everything may not go your way.
My personal conflict in workplace happened 3 year between me and someone I worked with. For 6 months I and Alicia were dating while working at Massage Envy Spa, and we broke up due to difference we wanted the relationship to head. Everyday about two weeks she made my ...

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...o not all conflict is bad if you understand when and where is the opportune time in the workplace to use it.
In conclusion, personal conflict and interpersonal communication play significant roles in workplace problems. Educating employees on how in improve effective communication is a must in order to resolve negative impacts on the workers and the company. Don’t ignore the problem facing it head on is the only way to get the situation resolved in a way that will be beneficial for you and everyone in the long run. Be confident in your communication skills and even if you’re not the one in power being able to communicate those feels to someone in power will be beneficial. Benjamin Disraeli said, “To be conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is a great step to knowledge.” Means knowing that you don’t have power is the first step towards obtaining it.

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