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Workplace Health And Wellness Programs Essays

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After our investigation of workplace health and wellness programs, it has become apparent there are many positive outcomes that are associated between the use of incentives and their effects on measured workplace outcomes. Since the push from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, evidence has shown employers are able to encourage participation in these programs through offering incentives to their employees. Workplace health and wellness program incentives have not only lowered the monthly premiums of employees, but those same individuals have begun to lead a healthier lifestyle. The investigation has also shown that the benefits of these programs are more likely to be found over long-term periods of time as opposed to the short-term, as studies conducted over several years yielded more significant outcomes than studies conducted within shorter time periods. Overall individual health has improved, employee hospitalization has become less frequent, employee absenteeism has dropped, and the overall productivity and morale of the work force has been boosted.
Throughout analyzing each experiment conducted, we discovered a common theme: finding solid evidence is difficult. Due to incentivized workplace health and wellness programs emerging in only the past decade, research regarding the outcome measures is few and far between. Although there have been many studies conducted on workplace health and wellness programs, most of those studies have been analyzing and identifying the legal issues employers have encountered, along with the ethical concerns in regards to “forcing” employee participation. This limitation was greatly present in certain databases that were used during the research period. Namely, the...

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...rends with diverse populations and backgrounds that a study may not have expected to find. Finally, data becomes meaningful when it can be compared. Future studies will have the best results if they can compare their experimental groups to control groups to find discrepancies and significant changes. Therefore any data gathered that is different from the norm would hold more relevance over data that has no comparison. In following these recommendations, future studies will be able to successfully contribute their findings by making sure they are relevant to the topic and the questions that need to be answered, their data is detailed and provides deeper perspective into trends and significant findings, and finally their data will show clear deviation from normal circumstances. These will make future studies all the more beneficial to the continued study of this topic.

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