The Work Breakdown Structure Is A Systematic Way Of Defining The Scope Of A Project

The Work Breakdown Structure Is A Systematic Way Of Defining The Scope Of A Project

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Work Breakdown Structures


According to Wiley Encyclopedia, Work Breakdown Structure is "a systematic way of defining the scope of a project"(Freeman 2015) (Anon 2014).According to the delineation of Wiley, all Project Managers PM use it in their planning, accomplishment, and others. As GURU stated, the WBS is a tool for the scope planning. However, it is a perfect tool for scheduling as well (GURU n.d.)(Freeman 2015)(Egeland 2011).The program uses a chart, which represents the fundamental activities and the corresponding period for many variables such as the calendar, expenditure, status and the global progress. Not only the chart helps to create incorporated projects administration but also undertakes the business different operations and activities in an efficient manner on the WBS (Ewbs n.d.)
One of the great descriptions of the WBS is what stated by Freeman that transport the project activities and the relevant mechanisms to enhance the final objective of the project (Freeman 2015). As the name reveals, the program breakdown the whole project into small units so that finally the result is becoming realistic effortlessly. Accordingly, WBS assists to portray and assemble units and element of the projects by dividing the vast and complex sections into small parts (He 2014) (He, 2014, referred to in Pritchard, 1999). Furthermore, it makes cost analysis less plummeting, to enable the PM and the various supervisors to handle the intricate nature of expenditure and to estimate in an efficient manner (He, 2014, referred to in Gordon et al., 2009).
Edward Freeman argues that WBS is a safe and cost-effective channel to deliver interconnected responsibility of the...

... middle of paper ...

...y focuses (Egeland, No Date)
4. The advantages of the project are an efficient data stream, unfortunately, change in turns and diminish in excess to disadvantages.

Based on personal experiences, the Gantt chart would demonstrate extremely powerful as a tool or a device that could be utilized as a part of schedule planning side by side with WBS to complement each other – as mentioned above. Due to the complementary nature of the two tools, they will be particularly dominant when a task is remarkably vast in nature and has many moving constituents. Most importantly, Gantt chart as a bar graph may represent PERT and CPM. Therefore, we can use more than one capability in one too, therefore, planning stage remains trustful. Planning is almost saves 50% of the efforts and work if enough information is fed into the chart.

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