The Word Fear Makes My Mind Draw A Blank Essay

The Word Fear Makes My Mind Draw A Blank Essay

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1 — The Definition of Fear
The word fear makes my mind draw a blank. I am trying to make sense of it but I can not, at least not for everyone. It is a word that is left up to a person’s digression. It almost seems unfair to have a clear cookie-cutter definition of what it is. The word is too broad to be sectioned off by one definition.
Fear can strengthen a person to move mountains, but can also weaken someone to the point of death. Which might be why the word is so frightening.
What can be said for the word fear? Can we begin by saying:
Fear is the emotion caused by the belief that something is dangerous.
My fear is caused by the my belief that something is dangerous
I know my fear because of my belief that something is dangerous.
Is everything dangerous my fear?
But then, there has to be other questions. Who decides what is frightening? Can something be dangerous to one and not be dangerous to someone else? If he defines what fear is, is everyone frightened by his fear? How is it then that two people can have the different fears?

2 - The First Fear
He wanted to hurt me (at least that is what I believed), so I considered him dangerous. I could never understand why he wished to hurt me. My older sister told me stories that say he just did it for his pleasure, or because I invaded his territory. Both my mother and father insisted that nothing was there and that he did not exist, but their rationality did not matter to my five year old self. At that age I could only explain the creaks and bumps I heard in the middle of the night as him. I would stay up for hours tucked into my Toy Story covers, shivering in fear. In fear of the monster beneath my bed would come and take me away from my family.
That is what usually makes people f...

... middle of paper ...

...g? Which is too hard to comprehend for me.

6 - Where Fear Comes From
Fear as explained by its definition is as an emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous. But is it possible to mislabel something as a fear? One may not understand something and call it a fear but it might not be dangerous. Take the fear of bugs for example, most bugs that a person encounters in everyday life are pretty harmless; yet so many people, myself included, are horrified by the little creatures. Also, just because something is dangerous does not mean it should it be feared. Sharks are one of the oceans most dangerous predators, yet I personally do not have a fear of them. Fears are what a person wants them to be. A person is only afraid of something if they tell themselves they are.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

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