Women Should Be Open And Judgement Free Essay

Women Should Be Open And Judgement Free Essay

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“In order for women to accept themselves everyday of the month, cultures must change the way menstruation is viewed, and women themselves must take control over the way they… feel about menstruation” (Johnston & Chrisler, 2013, p. 12). People value the thoughts of others, so much that they forget to be who they are and have created a facade to hide behind. Women often feel obligated to hide their menstruation. It is taboo for women to be open about their bodies. If they were to openly forecast it, their actions and choices would be questioned by others. However, people should be open and judgement free about the topic. People should not quickly point out that a women is “PMSing” because of an unexpected reaction. The phrase “you’re PMSing” should not be used due to its misconception, and negative associations that degrade and nullify women’s decisions and emotions.
There is a nationwide misapprehension of PMS: premenstrual syndrome. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “premenstrual syndrome is a set of physical and psychological symptoms that start about 7 to 10 days before a woman gets her monthly period. Many women experience breast tenderness and abdominal pain. Other symptoms include headaches, back pain and joint or muscle ache” (2016). Yet, this does not stop many from associating this syndrome with a woman’s action or choice and that it is seemingly incorrect. In fact, it is controversial to claim that premenstruation is an illness because it is a natural process of the women’s body. Around the world people believe that words such a woman 's “period”, or menstruation, should not be spoken of freely because they are stigmatizing. According to Dictionary.com, stigmatize means “to set some mark of disgrace or...

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...do the same thing. They begin to put blame on the decision made on women’s premenstrual syndrome. This discredits their opinions as well, because people believe that they do not know what they are saying or deciding on. Their emotions are also pushed aside. Society has been taught that women are just generally emotional at this stage and should just be ignored at that point. It is morally incorrect that people have these thoughts in mind because women could be and are degraded at every point by the use of the phrasing; “You’re PMSing”. Everyone is valuable, because of what they each bring to the world and discrediting a person does not permit them to do their best. There are inequalities all around the world and a natural phenomenon should not stop the world from creating a world that is balanced. The halting of the phrase will lead to a world of less discrimination.

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