Women 's Rights And Feminism Essay

Women 's Rights And Feminism Essay

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In A raisin in the sun author Lorraine Hansberry was keen on enlighten her audience on woman’s rights and feminism in the African American community. The play takes place after World War 2 where both black and white men fought together for equality however back home in the United States it was not the case. After the war, whites were still considered the superior race to African Americans but as an African American woman, they were at an even lower class than the African American men. As an African American woman in the 1950’s and 1960’s they were not only fighting for their rights as a race but were oppressed by class, and gender. African American feminism or “black feminism if you will, is known as a school of thought which argues that sexism, class oppression, and racism are inextricably bound together.”
Africans Americans faced many disadvantages in the 1950’s 1960’s. Whites discriminated against them, though no longer slaves and considered free African Americans remained to be second classed citizens and received the lowest paid unskilled jobs unfortunately, it was worst for women. While parents would want, the best for their children African American children went to black schools that consisted of classrooms ranging from 40 to 50 students in one class. The materials such as books and equipment for the children were also of poor quality. At the African American schools the teachers who were also black, did not really have the proper skills to teach the children what they needed. This was not the case for white schools, they flourished with books and things the children needed. They employed well a well-educated staff and kept the class sizes to a manageable size for the teacher. If an African American wanted to further the...

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...her older brother Walter believes to be who she would marry does not. George represents the Americanized African Americans who are willing to blend appease society. Beneatha’s decides to leave George alone based on her beliefs and views to be less Americanized African American.

I feel that Lena Younger, though less education had instilled in her daughter and daughter in-law Ruth, to have feministic views. Lena suffered racism gender and class oppression first hand though her lineage of southern slaves and sharecroppers. She took pride in her family’s background and tried to instill in her children the same respect for their ancestors. She also did not bend for anyone and knew was content in who she was in faith. Lena was the glue who held her family together guiding them to be better members of society and never allow circumstances to hinder them from success.

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