Women 's Post Menopausal Stage Essay

Women 's Post Menopausal Stage Essay

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A common way that women are defined, is based upon how feminine they are, or how they portray femininity. As a westernized culture, we see femininity in the way a woman portrays herself or more specifically how she displays her body. When you critically start to examine this form of femininity, or what it means to embody femininity, we start to understand that there is more than one factor effecting women. This is called cultural reproduction of femininity, essentially it is how society creates specific cultural factors that determine the femininity in women. From the start of womanhood all the way to a woman’s post-menopausal stage, there are certain ways that women are expected to act, look and be like to be considered feminine. These constructions of femininity are determined by the stage in which a woman has reached in her life. For example when a woman is younger or pre-menopausal she is described feminine from her youthfulness, which from a westernized point of view classifies her as attractive and healthy. With the factor of youthfulness being a key role for feminine attributes, this means once a woman reaches the stage of motherhood or menopause her feminine identity changes. Her identity changes from a youthful woman to one that is in a constant battle with her age, to remain socially healthy and attractive. When a woman reaches these stages of aging her social identity becomes classified as damaged or at loss of femininity, which has come from cultural historical roots.
Historically the concept of aging and women’s bodies has been a complex “problem” without a definite answer. During the 19th century people believed that the female body would reach a point of decay where they would become useless due to the...

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...thin the cultural norms of what is considered for an aging woman. It seems that socially when an older woman dresses or acts in a youthful way without undergoing the various treatments to obtain a youthful look it is considered wrong. It seems that culturally we are expected to conform to fighting for youthfulness and to fear aging throughout our lives, so that we can meet the expectations that have been socially outlined for us as we age. We are told be embarrassed at our state when we are older and should not embrace it unless we conform to the factors of what it means to be feminine. With large corporations and media commercializing anti-aging treatments for every age, and the social judgement associated with not engaging in these factors, it is no wonder that there is such a strong cultural reproduction of femininity dictating what to look, be and act like.

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