Women 's Perception Of An Ideal Image Essay

Women 's Perception Of An Ideal Image Essay

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If you watch television, see movies, reed newspapers or flip through magazines, you 've probably noticed that beautiful women and men are everywhere. There perfect bodies leave everlasting impacts in our minds and inevitably influence the way we think about our bodies; thus, creating an ideal image. The ideal image causes men and women to do and think unhealthy things about what there bodies should look like. Out of all the women in the US only 5% of women naturally have the body type advertisements portray as beautiful; however, some women work to have this image. Famous people in media who have unrealistic bodies are playing out this image and setting standers of beauty for everyone. Clothing companies often hire models that obtain this ideal image to advertise their clothing. The look wasn’t always popular, during the heroin chic waif in the early 1990s models like Kate Moss, Twiggy and Pamela Anderson changed the world’s perception of what beautiful women to look like (Derenne & Beresin, 2006). They set the new standers of the unrealistic body type; rail thin with DD cup breast. Models like Cara Deliven, and Kendall Jenner our perfect modern day examples of models that maintain this ideal image. Models like these are shown in the majority of clothing ads and when people look at the ads they subconsciously assume they should look like them. More then 25 years ago, the average model was only 8% skinner than the average adult woman; however, today the average model is 23% thinner than the average woman (Derenne & Beresin, 2006). This causes needed social and emotional pressures on people starting at a young age as they try to have the same edited bodies of the men and women in media.
As children grow up many things alter their ...

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...rs. More men and women diet, and more of them seem to be developing eating disorders.
24 million people suffer from an eating disorder in America such as, anorexia and bulimia. There has been a rise in the incidence of anorexia in young women fifteen to nineteen in each decade since 1990. Also bulimia in ten to thirty-nine year old women has tripled since 1993(Jennifer L &Eugene V, 2004). If there is such a raise of eating disorders, than why doesn’t our society change the messages they are sending about body image? The answer is money, because dieting has become both popular and common, diet aids, books, and supplements have grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry (Jennifer L &Eugene V, 2004). The dieting industry generates at least 55.4 billion in revenue each year. It seem that as time goes bye issues dealing with bodies has become more and more of an issue.

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