Women 's Education Post 1960s And Pre 2000s Essay example

Women 's Education Post 1960s And Pre 2000s Essay example

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There has been plenty of changes in women’s education in recent times. This research paper is a comparison of women’s education post 2000s and pre 2000s. There have been many significant changes in women’s education post 2000 that have bought vast improvements in the equality of education. This brings about my thesis, positive changes in women’s education post 2000 when compared to that of pre 2000s in terms of availability, gender bias and acceptance.

Women are more likely now to be able to access education than they were before. Both boys and girls are encouraged to and in fact sent to school by their parents. They both get equal opportunity to succeed and are both provided with an equal amount of resources. This is not to say that there 's equality in education everywhere. In many third world countries, young girls aren 't afforded the privilege of going to school. They are usually required to stay back at home to help their poor parents and in many cases sent out to do manual labour in provide a small amount of money for the household. This was also true pre 2000s. Girls from poor households were either required to stay at home in order to help their parents or sent out to earn some money for the household. That is not to say that it was only girls who were told to not go to school in order to earn some money but it was more likely that the boys were sent to school instead of the girls. Girls from wealthier families however, did receive some sort of formal education whether at school or at home with a tutor. Society has started to question the traditional beliefs that are often the root off gender gaps. Many girls are often forced to marry young during the pre-2000s which is also the case today, however, there has been a decr...

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...owever, now that there is an increase it shows that women are just as likely to succeed as men in the real world and there is no reason why girls shouldn’t be able to attend school. This in turn helped to shape the mentality of society that there are actual advantages in educating women and thus educating girls is now more widely accepted by society than it was pre 2000s.

Major progress has been made in women’s education. There has been increased focus to have equality in education where girls have the same chances in education as men have. Society has generally been more accepting towards education women, there is now more chances for women to avail an education and progress has been made to reduce gender bias in the education system. Thus I can conclude that there has been a positive change in women’s education post 2000 when it is compared to that of pre 2000s.

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