Essay about Women During The War Front

Essay about Women During The War Front

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Women were mobilized in the war effort as an attempt to lower unemployment rates and to get married women with children to contribute, but in reality most women on the home front took jobs not so much for the war effort but for money to help the family. And those that helped out on the war front were in it for money and adventure like high school graduates ready to leave home and see the world, bored wanting a change of pace. But as the war raged on more and more men were sent to Europe and the demand for an increase in the female labour force. In actuality the number of married women to enter the work force was not enough due the strong held tradition and beliefs of housewives that the breadwinner ideal was the golden standard, social norm. On the bright side the Second World War opened up another world for these women allowing them further up the ladder unrestricted to sexual inequalities to a certain extent, more so than their WWI predecessors.
The thing is, one of the most prevalent arguments against getting women into the war front were outdated, medieval concepts of gender and the money related issues surrounding women and separate accommodations, uniforms and medical services overseas.
On a positive note, much like the First World War, the Second World War was a time of firsts. The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was the first in history to have a woman take an officer’s administrative course at Trenton and the Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC) had the first qualified female armourer.
Propaganda celebrated the achievements of women’s services while assuring the general public that war involvement did not change the nature of femininity in Canadian women. Rebuttal - War Front
The primary function of the CWAC and many other ...

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... to low quality jobs. Women who were left were pushed back into the traditional role of homely child bearer. Most if not all the new confidence gained from war independence were dashed, but that did not stop the traditional attitudes of gender roles swaying.
Though women were seen as the essential labour force to keep the war machine going, the power and control remained in the grasp of the male elites of Canada. What’s important to remember is that the recognition of women in the work place did not mean that there was an equal place for women for the time of the war and over post war demilitarization.
Thus I feel it is safe to conclude that though the women at the time of the war did amazing things that helped the generations after to push for second wave feminism and equality of the sexes, they themselves did not and were quite comfortable in their domestic sphere.

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